We care because You care.. we focus on quality raw ingredients to always bring you honest, healthy & delicious desserts.

Quality Ingredients

We don't use wheat, reducing the gluten impact on your digestion. We opt for spelt, buckwheat, rice or nut flours. A pinch of salt with us is always healthier Himalayan.

Healthy Sweetening

We always try to use healthier sweeteners, such as local honey, agave syrup, maple syrup, dates & stevia. Attention to maintaining an adequate glycemic index count with each dessert, especially when RAW. We do not use sugar-beet, when we do use sugar it is always cane or coconut sugar.


Many products we use are certified organic or true Organic quality. For us it's a matter of course and not a marketing gimmick, so much so that we don’t label every dish Organic...although it usually is.

Cake menu

Beetroot Sacher Cake

1450g  /  36 €

Blueberry Banana Bread Cake

1200g  /  17 €

Coconut Cinnamon Tart

900g  /  32,5 €

Bounty - Coconut Chocolate

1400g  /  39,5 €

Chestnut with Raw Crust

1400g  /  39,5 €

Chocolate Banana Bread Cake

1100  /  17 €

Chocolate Cheesecake

1400g  /  39,5 €

Chocolate Mousse Cake

1250g  /  35 €

Chocolate Poppy Cake

1500g  /  35 €

Chocolate Sacher Brownie

900g  /  35 €

Chocolate Dream Tart

1050g  /  30 €

Mascarpone Tart

920g  /  30 €

Philadelphia Cheesecake

1500g  /  39,5 €

Raw Carrot

1050g  /  35 €

Raw Date

1350g  /  39,5 €

Raw Chocolate & Banana

1150g  /  39,5 €

Raw Chocolate

1250g  /  39,5 €

Raw Kiwi

1350g  /  39,5 €

Raw Lemon Berry Cake

1250g  /  39,5 €

Raw Mango Cake

1150g  /  39,5 €

Raw Oreo Cookies

125g  /  5 €

Raw Mint & Spirulina

1250g  /  39,5 €

Ricotta & Caramel

1600g  /  35 €

Vanilla Cappuccino Cake

1250g  /  39,5 €

How to Order


Standard orders require a minimum of 48 hours. Express orders are available on request.

Express orders are subject to availability & a €5 surcharge.


Choose from our selection & click "Order" tab.

Check your selection & adjust the quantities.

Use the "Notes" box to request our beautiful decorations & toppings. 


Complete your details and send your order.

We will contact you to confirm the order, within 24 hours.


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